EPS Versus XPS

The battle began, EPS versus XPS, and the test results are in. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the winner! This was clearly shown in an independent, third-party test. Expanded polystyrene maintains its R-value even after long-term exposure in northern climates. Extruded polystyrene (XPS) was shown to have lost R-value over time. In this 15 year side by side dual EPS outperforms XPS in both R-value retention and decreased water absorption. XPS insulation was reduced by half, while EPS boasts maintaining 94% of its specified R-value. Not only does XPS lose about half of its R-value, it also costs about 50% MORE than EPS. So why would anyone pay 50% more for 50% less? EPS is manufactured in large blocks, it is cut into sheets or virtually any special size and shape. XPS is a final form and does not have the size flexibility that EPS offers. The product performance, size flexibility, recyclability, and the lower price of our “white stuff” clearly makes EPS the champion.



For more information, view EPS Outperforms XPS.

Have you seen the LITE? Click HERE to read more about the differences between EPS and XPS and what makes ICA-LITE® EPS the best choice.

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