Going Green

Insulation Corporation of America is highly dedicated to being green.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has always been CFC- and HCFC-free. Environmentally conscious, ICA installed a pentane recycling plant several years ago to reduce the amount of potential pollutants released into the atmosphere. We recapture the excess pentane from our manufacturing process and reroute it through our boiler to reduce the amount of natural gas we use. Our in-house EPS trim is also reused, and we will accept clean, recyclable EPS from our customers for reprocessing rather than see it go to a landfill. All of these actions help to keep the air of our planet cleaner and lessen the impact of landfills on the population.

Insulation Corporation of America is highly dedicated to being green. Just how green are we? Many things we’ve done over the last several years and continue to do will answer that.

Pentane Collection System

Installed in 1994, our pentane collection system offers an environmentally friendly process that traps the off-gas from when we steam our beads so that it does not enter the atmosphere. The collected gases then get burned in our boiler, creating more steam and thus more energy power for our plant. This process greatly reduces the amount of natural gas we use.

EPS Recycling

All of our excess trim, clean recyclable EPS from our customers, and even some scraps from the public are recycled in-house. These EPS remnants go through the grinder while beads and dust particles are separated. The beads are then reincorporated into the EPS production process to make more EPS blocks. The captured dust particles are densified into cubes which are exported and eventually used to create other objects such as picture frames, etc.

ICA Recycling Rules:

           • CUSTOMERS

           • PUBLIC


At ICA, we also recycle the packaging that our raw materials come in. Supersacks, corrugated boxes, and plastic bags are all, respectively, compacted into bales and sold for recycling. This recycling process has tremendously reduced our waste as well as our dumpster costs.

2010 Solar Project

The solar panels we have installed on the roof have significantly reduced our electricity consumption.


All of the lighting throughout our building has been replaced with energy-efficient bulbs. We also have automatic motion-sensored light switches in our offices which conveniently regulate our lighting usage.

In addition to all of these green tactics, we also recycle our office paper and other scraps as well as recapture some of the excess water that occurs during our manufacturing processes to recycle and use for further use.

At ICA, we take environmental consciousness very seriously and take great pride in our efforts towards a green living and working environment.