Advantages of Using Melt Away Ceiling Tiles

Melt Away Ceiling Tiles by ICA

EPS melt away ceiling tiles, also known as drop down ceiling tiles, offer a number of benefits as opposed to traditional ceiling materials.

Safety First

These ceiling panels are designed to melt in a fire to expose the sprinkler systems. The tiles allow the systems to be hidden while maintaining the building’s safety profile. ICA-TILE melt-away ceiling tiles are Factory Mutual Approved and meet the compliance standards and conditions of Approval as listed in the current edition of the FM Approval Guide.

ICA-TILE Ceiling TileEase and Flexibility in Installation

Expanded polystyrene melt-away ceiling tiles are easily installed in a standard drop down ceiling tile framework.

Melt Away ceiling tiles provide significant cost savings in renovation projects. Moving sprinkler systems to meet with code is very costly. In a fire situation, EPS melt-away ceiling tiles are designed to melt and drop out to allow the sprinkler system to function. Avoiding the  cost of moving the sprinkler system and saving the time is essential on most renovation projects. Melt-Away tiles meet code requirements, create a clean, appealing look and are simple and easy to install.

Better Access to Wiring and Systems

Melt away ceiling tiles or drop down ceilings offer better access to wirings and systems that are critical to a home or building. These ceilings can easily hide TV and Internet wirings as well as plumbing. But at the same time, when a repair or maintenance is required, the wirings and systems can be quickly reached.  

Extra Insulation with Less Space to Heat and Cool

EPS melt away ceiling tiles can reduce the amount of space between the structure’s roof and the floor by creating a false ceiling. When these tiles are installed in a drop down framework, it creates an air buffer between the actual roof of the structure and the ceiling tile framework. The insulating effect of drop down ceiling tiles can help reduce the heating and cooling bills of a building or home by reducing the space to heat or cool.

Enhanced Decor and Custom Designs

If you select “melt away” tiles for purely affordable decorative purposes and not for the function to ‘melt-away during a fire to expose the sprinkler system then you’re in luck. In that case we will call them ceiling titles and you can do a lot with them!

Thanks to affordable printing and today’s technology you can even custom print on ceiling tiles creating a truly unique space. We have also seen in school settings children painting and designing their own tiles. You can pair a foam ceiling tile with a classic tin or copper pattern for enhanced insulation and style.  

No matter the reason, in most cases melt-away ceiling tiles are a great option for flexibility and cost.


*Note if you in any way alter the melt away tile it will void the warranty and designed purpose for the melt-away application.