The COVID-19 Vaccine That May Save Your Life, Delivered By EPS Foam

COVID-19 Vaccine Shippers Blog

Efficient Delivery of the COVID-19 Vaccine Made Possible by Expanded Polystyrene

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, ICA along with the EPS Industry Alliance are proud to shine a positive light on the role of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) packaging to deliver the highly anticipated vaccine. To date, this pandemic has impacted millions of people throughout the world. As we awaited the vaccine for this virus, we practiced social distancing, wearing masks and hand washing. We seek protection from the vaccine but the vaccine also needs protection. It needs insulation…

What Makes EPS the Perfect Insulating Material?

The world watched as the first shipping containers were wheeled into hospitals and healthcare facilities. The vials within those boxes offered a sign of hope that life as we know it could return to normal. The vaccine’s critical properties were kept at a tightly controlled temperature, made possible by a custom-molded EPS shipping container.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a marvel of modern science. No other material matches its insulating properties. EPS is incredibly lightweight, and easy to mold and shape. It’s this unique material ensuring the first COVID vaccines arrive safely and intact at their destinations. EPS provides impact-resistant padding to protect glass vials, contains dry ice, and maintains lifesaving medicines at subarctic temperatures for patients at hospitals, long-term care facilities, and, ultimately, for all of us counting on a vaccine to return to normal life.”1

EPS packaging is the gold standard for pharmaceutical and life science products. It maintains product safety, security, and temperature stability throughout the cold chain delivery process. 


COVID-19 Vaccine Infographic

EPS Foam is 100% Recyclable!

In addition to all of its other benefits as a shipping and packaging solution, EPS foam is also 100% recyclable. EPS Industry Alliance is working with healthcare providers to identify recycling opportunities for virus shipping containers. To find out about EPS recycling solutions in your area, visit or contact an EPS-IA recycling coordinator directly.

There are vitally important qualities that EPS brings to not only this product but many other products and applications. If you thought you knew EPS, please think again.  

We are grateful that our industry plays a part in delivering the hope that the vaccine brings as we all embrace the New Year.

To learn more about the EPS Industry Alliance, its members, expanded polystyrene products, and packaging solutions, read more on their website.