Exterior Insulated Finish Systems

EIFS – Exterior Insulated Finish Systems have evolved and taken their place in architectural styling. Far from being just insulation, EIFS applications have become a staple of building design. Random third party testing by RADCO assures conformance to quality and specifications. From simple flat boards to intricate shapes, ICA can provide you with the answer to your design and construction challenges. EPS is a lightweight, economical way to revitalize older homes and match existing architectural details. Our in house design team can match or create shapes and help you stay within your budget. Choose a design from our EIFS Shape Selection Guide or send us a sketch of what you need. With our computer controlled CAD/CAM contour cutter, we can provide what you require in a time frame you can live with.

The next time you find yourself in need of EIFS board or custom shapes, contact the ICA Customer Service Team at (610) 791-4200 or email us at sales@insulationcorp.com.



Insulation Corporation of America (ICA) is currently listed with RADCO for third party certification (Listing # 1274) and has been approved for the following EIFS systems:


For other system requests, contact our technical services department. We will draft and submit samples for approval.



Ask about our SHAPE SELECTION GUIDE to provide you with an idea of capabilities of our computerized cutting equipment. Projects can include but are not limited to:

Molding & Cornices
Dentil Moldings
Bull Noses
Parapet Caps

Column Covers & Column Bases
Window Headers


Download Our EIFS Shape Selection Guide