EPS Maximizes R-Values, Minimizes Costs

Consistent R-Vales make EPS foam optimal choice for insulationConsistent R-Vales make EPS foam optimal choice for insulationConsistent R-Vales make EPS foam optimal choice for insulation

It is the M&M Approach to insulating your home.  Insulate now and save for a lifetime.

One of our very talented customers has found that ICA-LITE® panels are an integral part of his timber frame construction business. Expanded polystyrene, EPS, which is commonly but incorrectly referred to as “Styrofoam” is used in the basement, walls, and roof. Custom lengths and widths allow the product to be used throughout the whole structure. The basement foundation is constructed of ICF, insulated concrete form, blocks. This product creates the longest lasting underground energy efficient insulation. For the framing, the ICA-LITE® foam panels are laminated to create foam core panels. These panels are applied to the outside of the frame and it creates an unbroken shell of insulation around the building. Unlike conventional framing standards, which has breaks every 12” to 16”, the EPS insulated panels eliminate those thermal breaks and creates a superior energy efficient envelope. For the roof, 10” thick panels were cut to specifications. This beautiful home will yield R-Values from R-38 to R-50, which is well above the current building codes. This equates to green for the environment and green in your pocketed savings. This is the insulation standard of the future. Building codes are changing throughout the country. Current standards are obsolete and virtually create sieve like construction which means increased heating and cooling costs. The cost to insulate your home to these higher standards is minimal and the savings are maximal, the M&M Approach for insulating your home!

Check back for more pictures of this project and to find out more about this talented builder contact us at sales@insulationcorp.com.

You don’t need to build a timber frame house to have the benefits of ICA-LITE® panels. To find out more about insulation R-Values and related products, check out EPS verses XPS.

To find out more about R-Value codes from the Department of Energy visit Insulation Fact Sheet.

ICA-LITE® product specifications

You can learn more about EPS insulated panels by visiting http://www.sips.org/green-building/green-building-with-sips.


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This article was posted on July 3, 2012, by Insulation Corporation of America (ICA) – a Women-Owned manufacturer of Geofoam and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which is commonly but mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam™. ICA is located in Allentown, PA and services the entire Mid-Atlantic Region from Virginia to Maine to Ohio.