EPS Theater Set and Prop Design

Benefits of Using EPS Foam For Theater Sets and Prop Design

Films or theater productions obviously rely heavily on the performance of the actors to be impactful and successful. But they also depend a great deal on the props and the set design as well, which are crucial to creating an eye-catching and realistic scene.

These components are essential parts of successful films and theater shows and are important contributors to the entire atmosphere on stage or in front of the camera.

Inconspicuous to the naked eye, elements of a set design are often not what they appear. If you pay close attention, many of the props that you see on set are actually made of EPS foam, which has been crafted, designed, and created by artists who specialize in using this innovative material to create lifelike props that are as realistic as can be.

Authentic-looking props are crucial to creating a backdrop and setting the scene in theater productions, and EPS foam makes the ideal choice for any set design.

What is EPS Foam?

EPS foam basically refers to any type of expanded polystyrene. Expanded polystyrene insulation encompasses a lightweight yet durable insulation that is able to withstand incredible weight and force, depending on each type of EPS foam’s compressive strength.

After it’s been coated, EPS becomes a strong material that can be painted and reused. While EPS foam is commonly used as insulation in roofs, walls, and foundations, it’s also widely used for 3D stage design for theaters and professional movie sets.

What Are the Benefits of Using EPS Foam For Set Props?

EPS Foam Set Design Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryEPS foam offers a number of advantages when used to create 3D props for the stage and movie set, including the following:

  • Attention-grabbing
  • Lightweight and easy to prop up and set up
  • Strong and durable
  • Resistant to bacteria growth
  • Stable thermal resistance
  • Sustainable
  • Versatile
  • Customization
  • Affordable

What Can EPS Foam Be Used For in Theater and Film?

EPS foam makes the perfect material for stage and set props because it’s much stronger and more durable than fiberglass alternatives that are sometimes used. Thanks to its light weight and highly manageable properties, EPS foam can be easily manipulated to create all sorts of customized props, including:

  • Sculptures
  • Exhibits
  • Signs
  • Backdrops
  • Complete theater sets
  • Oversized props
  • Free-standing units
  • Hanging units
  • Decor

Bring Your Set or Stage to Life With EPS Foam

The performances of the actors themselves are the crux of any theater production or movie. But the set itself literally sets the stage for the production and performances, bringing them to life and captivating all those who are being entertained.

At Insulation Corporation of America, we’ve provided EPS foam that has been featured in several films and theater productions, including the famed film “Sisters” starring SNL alumni Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! With EPS foam, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what can be created and brought to life!