GivingTuesday – #ICAChance to Give Back

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#ICAChance GivingTuesday HeaderGivingTuesday: A Global Generosity Movement

It seems now more than ever that most “newsworthy” events are not those that make us smile. It can be overwhelming the ratio of bad versus good news stories we wake up to on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s just too much to handle and we need to walk away from TV or social media for a bit.

Maybe what really needs to happen is to fill up the news with so much good to outshine that darkness. How refreshing is it to scroll through our social media feed and stop on a story that makes us smile?GivingTuesday Sain Nicholas We love that GivingTuesday sheds light on those heart-warming moments and aims to bring us that kind of feeling not just this Tuesday, but every single day.

#ICAChance To Give Back

This year, this day, this second, we have a chance to be kind, a chance to do good, a chance to change the script from despair to joy. Perhaps it’s a chance to donate – whether it be our time, talents or money. A chance to share what we have with others. A chance to promote goodness, a chance to support a worthy cause. A chance to share a Santa selfie! 😊

Known for his kindness and incomparable generosity, let’s all channel our inner Saint Nicholas and promote joy this season! Genuine acts of kindness typically go unnoticed in their humility, but it now seems necessary to put a spotlight on them. A little inspiration could go a long way.

GivingTuesday reminds us that every little pay-it-forward moment makes this world brighter than it was before. And if every single one of us shared in our own little act of kindness, imagine how bright that light would shine. Life will never be easy, but we can help each other carry the load.

Masked Up and Unmasking Kindness

Along with your Santa selfies, please share with us stories, pictures (you can post them with the hashtag #ICAChance), glimpses into the kindnesses you have witnessed or shared – the bright lights that have lit up your world. We might be masked up, but please join us and Habitat Lehigh Valley in unmasking kindness this holiday season. We want to hear from you!

To learn more about GivingTuesday, please visit their website at