ICA-FOLD Fanfold Insulation

ICA-FOLD fanfold insulation board is our newest product line. An accordion folded insulation product, ICA-FOLD has a System R-Value* of 4.9 when properly installed in a thickness of 3/8″ with the appropriate air space. ICA-FOLD levels uneven walls and is perforated for permeability, allowing the walls to breathe, reducing the risk of condensation within the walls.

Constructed using expanded polystyrene in thicknesses of 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ or 1″ laminated with clear polypropylene on one side and metalized polypropylene on the other side, ICA-FOLD is manufactured in one continuous sheet, measuring four feet in height by twenty four feet in overall length. ICA-FOLD is hinged folded and lies flat against the wall, creating an exceptionally smooth surface for re-siding. Available laminates are clear polypropylene film, metalized polypropylene film, and printed polypropylene film. The printed film has numbered horizontal, vertical and diagonal reference lines that can be used as a visual cutting guide for job site customization.

ICA-FOLD foam underlayment board helps control air and dust infiltration by wrapping around your house, covering walls and cracks and sealing around windows and doors. By overlapping or butting the sections, escaping air is virtually eliminated. Using ICA-FOLD fanfold insulation will conserve energy and enhance the performance of existing insulation. Your home will be more comfortable and your heating and cooling systems will operate more efficiently.

ICA-FOLD can also be used as recovery board for roofing projects. Contact us for further information.

Be sure to specify ICA-FOLD by ICA for your next siding project!

*R-Value based on data from the ASHREA Handbook of Fundamentals 1977, Chapter 22.

Download Our ICA-FOLD Specifications Sheet

ICA-FOLD fan fold insulation board by ICA