ICA is at the Foundation of America’s Infrastructure – Infrastructure Week 

Let’s #BuildForTomorrow, Starting Today by Celebrating Infrastructure Week.

Infrastructure connects people and places. It is the lifeline of American cities. From bridges to roads to airports, our infrastructure allows each of us to stay connected.

Just like our own health, it requires maintenance and check ups. Sadly our infrastructure is failing and we don’t have the funds or a solid plan to fix it. Progress is being made but we have a long way to go.

To give you an idea of the magnitude of work to be done, consider this… Every four years the American Society of Civil Engineers issues its Infrastructure Report Card, giving the nation’s aviation systems, roads, drinking and wastewater, ports and much more near-failing grades. Americans pay a “hidden tax” of about $9 a day per household that is earmarked for said projects.

Insulation Company of America is proud to be at the foundation of many of the infrastructure projects in the northeast, from Virginia to Maine. ICA Geofoam products can be found ‘hidden’ under many highways, bridges, and as reinforcement for embankments.

Geofoam has been used in geo-technical applications for more than 30 years. Recently it is gaining more traction as a go-to soil substitute because of it’s impressive structural qualities. We proudly manufacture and distribute Geofoam, which is often mistaken for large Styrofoam blocks.

EPS foam has many specific advantages for use as a soil substitute, being only 1% the weight of soil and rock and less than 10% the weight of other lightweight fill alternatives. Geofoam provides stability to unstable soil conditions. Its lightweight characteristics make it a great solution for lightening the load of concrete in bridges, decks, green roofs, etc.

ICA supports Infrastructure Week

Infrastructure Week is a 501c4 non-profit working to educate America’s public about the importance of infrastructure to the nation’s economy, workers, and communities. Since 2013, Infrastructure Week has been led by its Steering Committee – a bipartisan coalition that includes leading business groups, labor unions, and think tanks working to improve America’s infrastructure.

ICA is proud to support this initiative and to continue educating consumers, government agencies and engineers on our favorite soil substitute, GEOFOAM!  

Take a look at our favorite bridge project right in our own backyard in Allentown, PA.

8th Street Bridge – Allentown, PA Geofoam Infrastructure Project