Package Protection with Foam

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It’s National Package Protection Day

package protection

The Wednesday after Thanksgiving, December 4th, is National Package Protection Day. It is funny how the phrase “package protection” can have different meanings to different people. To us, in the EPS manufacturing business, we think about our EPS product as package protection material keeping items safe while in transit. EPS, expanded polystyrene*, is extremely efficient which is why it is used for packaging, in literally thousands of products, including food and pharmaceuticals. It safely secures products from damage and is a great insulator.

Unfortunately, National Package Protection Day isn’t boasting about us. It is actually bringing awareness to a rising crime – porch pirates. The timing of this day is spot on, two shipping days after CyberMonday. Sadly, with more that 41% of homes getting a package delivered at least once a month, it has created a new opportunity for thieves. That percentage rises in the height of holiday shopping. As a consumer based society we love the convenience of online shopping, so what can we do to prevent our packages from being stolen from our front porch? 

Practical tips to protect your packages from porch pirates:

  • Get to know your neighbors and join/start a neighborhood watch.
    If you are expecting a package and are not able to get to it, ask a neighbor and return the favor.
  • Consider Smart Home Technology.
    Install a doorbell that alerts you when anyone approaches your door, so you will know when a package is delivered or if thieves are lurking. This technology is now very affordable for the consumer. 
  • Consider an Amazon Locker.
    Amazon lockers are located in many locations, find one near you.
  • Sign up for delivery alerts.
    Ask your retailer if they have a system to alert you when a package is delivered.
  • Spread the awareness.
    Use December 4th, National Package Protection Day to help spread awareness by using #PackageProtectionDay and #alwayshome on social media.

Now that you have protected your purchases from the porch pirates, let’s talk about how your items arrived. Did the fragile items arrive safely packed in EPS foam? At ICA, we like to call EPS the Extraordinary Product Solution! EPS packaging can be used in sheet form, molded or contour shaped to fit the product being packaged. The uses can be endless. Is your company in need of EPS for your package protection needs? Let us provide you with a free quote direct from us, the manufacturer. Call to speak with a packaging consultant at 610-791-4200.   

You will also be happy to know that your EPS packaging is recyclable. We accept clean EPS for recycling at our location in Allentown, PA. 

*EPS is commonly, but incorrectly referred to as Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a Dow trade name and is blue in color.