Parks and Recreation with EPS Outdoors

Exploring Expanded Polystyrene EPS Outdoors for National Parks and Recreation Month

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July is National Parks and Recreation Month. At ICA we are encouraging you to “get your play on” (#PlayOnJuly) and explore your parks or try a new recreational activity. Did you know the United States has over 84 million acres of national parks, with at least one in every state? In this article we explore eps outdoors.

How does ICA, a manufacturer of expanded polystyrene, fit into celebrating our green spaces and activities? A man-made manufactured product and nature play well together? When we think about a national park, we think open green spaces, trees, nature, wildlife, beaches, mountains, streams and lakes – not white manufactured EPS foam. When we think about activities, we think of things like biking, camping, hiking and surfing. Others may think of a skate park, archery field, or playing a round of golf. Have you tried the latest water craze, SUP – Stand Up Paddleboarding?

We all find different ways to enjoy the outdoors and recreation, and the list above has more in common than you perhaps realize. What is one single thing these all can have in common? Would you guess EPS, expanded polystyrene, the Extraordinary Product Solution?

Parks and Recreation with EPS Foam


Where is EPS playing in all these places and activities?

Bike Helmets

Safety First. You head out to your local trails on your bike, you first put on your helmet. Did you know that the protective product inside your helmet is EPS foam?

EPS Keeps Your Brain in the Game  

Camping Gear

Food Safety. Keep your perishables cold in EPS coolers. Lightweight EPS coolers are very dependable for campers. The food and medical industry also use EPS coolers as the preferred method for shipping temperature sensitive products. Even in the toughest heat, EPS keeps its cool!

EPS Keeps Its Cool  

Skate Park

Smooth Skating. Of course, wear your helmet, but did you also know that the terrain, ramps and jumps under the concrete is most likely EPS?

Geofoam Gets Skating  

Archery Block

EPS blocks provide excellent performance with carbon tip arrows for target practice. The longevity of EPS archery blocks outperforms and outlasts other types of target practice blocks.

EPS Archery Blocks  


Some golf courses’ terrain has been developed with EPS used as a soil substitute. EPS is easily shaped for hills and bunkers and then covered with soil, grass or sand. When EPS is used as a soil substitute, it is referred to as Geofoam. You can also practice your hole-in-one on a floating green. Guess what? EPS makes that possible too! Used as flotation, EPS has been used for golf holes, docks and even houses!

Geofoam Scores a Hole-in-One  

SUP – Stand Up Paddleboards

The new fastest growing water sport trend is the Stand Up Paddleboard. But don’t forget about surf boards! Both are made out of EPS foam. Some EPS boards are also made from 100% recycled EPS.

EPS: Land & Sea  

The RV

EPS insulation is the preferred material for the construction of RVs. EPS maintains its high R-Value and does not absorb moisture. Nor does it shrink or compress, thus adding value to the structural integrity.

EPS Foam Insulation for RVs  


All right, we are not on the National Park level, but EPS is a big player in many rooftop parks. Rooftop parks are popping up all over cities and EPS Geofoam makes these outdoor areas possible. If you want to see a great example of what a big player Geofoam can be in a park, from the terrain to rock walls to ice rinks, check out our blog post:

Geofoam Takes a Walk in the Park

So, who knew? EPS, the white stuff, actually has a green side. Go “get your play on” and have fun with it! See if you can find the EPS that plays in your next activity or in your surroundings. #PlayOnJuly


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This article was posted on July 24, 2017, by Insulation Corporation of America (ICA) – a Women-Owned manufacturer of Geofoam and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which is commonly but mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam™. ICA is located in Allentown, PA and services the entire Mid-Atlantic Region from Virginia to Maine to Ohio.