Photo Gallery

Our collection of Extraordinary EPS projects!

3D Art & Signage

The versatility of expanded polystyrene EPS make it an optimum choice for 3D sculptures and signs.


Fun With Foam!

The versatility of EPS allows for a never ending array of fun and creative uses. Here at ICA we will be promoting and sharing our Fun with Foam Fridays, and more!


The Quondam Tree

Jesse Price of the Quondam Tree utilized our EPS foam to protect his sculpture for shipping. With patient precision and a hot knife he created a “pocket” within the foam (two 18″ x 48″ x 96″ pcs of 1# EPS) in which his wooden sculpture could snugly sit. This assured him the proper protection he was looking for during transportation of his sculpture to New York City. And it was another success story for EPS! We are so pleased our foam could be a part of this journey. Best of luck to Jesse and his amazing work!

Visit The Quondam Tree on Facebook or WordPress


Aquatic Development Group

Aquatic Development Group has mastered the task of making visions a reality! They have worked closely with Camelback Resort in Tannersville, PA for many years and they used ICA’s 1# Recycled EPS foam in one of their most recent projects, Aquatopia, which is now “the largest and most innovative indoor waterpark and lodge in North America”1.

Be sure to check out ADG’s impressive PORTFOLIO.



Theater, Set, & Prop Design

EPS expanded polystyrene foam is ideal for set design. Versatile, customizable, lightweight – all these attributes make EPS the perfect choice for theater set and prop design.


The Nest Productions utilized ICA’s EPS foam for their set design. The movie, redubbed “Sisters” is scheduled for a December 2015 release and stars Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, John Leguizamo, Maya Rudolph, & James Brolin.


Christ’s Church of the Valley in Royersford, PA uses ICA’s EPS foam in their set designs. Check them out at and visit them on Facebook.



ICA’s Geofoam is being used in the renovation of Allentown’s 8th Street Bridge Project headed by IEW Construction Group.


Mack Trucks in Allentown PA used ICA’s Geofoam to fill a void.


Heaven Skate Park – Hartford, CT’s first official skate park project headed by Stantec and Who Skates. ICA’s lightweight, time-saving, cost efficient Geofoam was used to make ramps and various levels for skaters to enjoy on the platform above the I-84 tunnel.


Our .9# Min Geofoam is now part of the new William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, NY; Green space project headed by A-L Services.


Our 1.8# Geofoam was used in Brooklyn, NY through our customer, landscape designer, Let It Grow, Inc.


EPS on the Job

Kean University – Union, NJ


ICA-LITE EPS is a perfect choice for flat, tapered, or customized roofing jobs.


EPS Raises the BARge: ICA-LITE EPS was injected into a sunken barge to assist cranes in removing the submerged giant from the water.


Speedboard USA

Our customer Speedboard USA, located in Amesbury, Massachusetts, makes stand-up paddle (SUP) boards with our EPS foam. They use one pound density expanded polystyrene as the core for their paddle boards. You can check out their story and products on their website:


ICA Front Sign

We followed the journey of our sign as it was created by Peachtree City Foamcraft in Schnecksville, PA. The process starts with EPS blocks, 36″ x 48″ x 96″. The design is then entered into the CAD system and the contour machine goes to work. After a Poly-Armor™ coating and acrylic finish, installation was uncomplicated and withstands the elements.


Dorney Park Dinosaurs Alive

ICA provided EPS foam to Dorney Park for the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit and Halloween Haunt costumes.


EPS Functionality

Lightweight but strong, EPS foam is perfect for a multitude of projects including chairs, headrests, etc.


Rick Willens’ Foam Car Project

Artist Rick Willens reveals the complete process of creating an EPS foam car out of a block of expanded polystyrene provided by Insulation Corporation of America.


Tyler School of Art – 2013 Student Project

“Patterned Porosity”

Architecture students used EPS foam, often confused with Styrofoam, and CNC machines to design a group installation in the window bay of the corridor between the Tyler Cafe and the Architecture building.



Periscope Tower

“Periscope” was designed by Brandon Clifford and Wes McGee of Matter Design Studio and won the 10UP! National Architecture Competition in 2010. Cut and created with custom robotic hot-wire equipment, the labor-saving, lightweight EPS used is 90% air, contains no CFCs and is recyclable and reusable.


Imagine Factory, LLC

EPS Foam Brings Jungle-Themed Dentist Office to Life


EPS Ice Castle


Joker Mobile for Mummer’s Parade 2015

See more original hand sculpted foam designs by Steve Morrone at

Visit Imagine Factory, LLC on Facebook


Chillin’ Out with EPS

Traditionally used for transporting chilled products, these expanded polystyrene (EPS) fish boxes have been creatively recycled by Spain’s Muka Design Lab. Utilizing its translucency, light weight nature, and non-toxic/eco-friendly credentials, this multipurpose product has been transformed into a “beautiful, inviting sofa.”


Award Winning EPS Standing Tall

Artist: Cal Kothrade


EPS Shines Brightly at Dutch Design Week 2011


Willey Surfboards Creation Process: EPS Block to Finished Board

Chris Willey of Willey Surfboards uses ICA EPS blocks to create his custom surfboards. Here he provides his step-by-step process from start to finish.

See the full process at


Everything Ice


Sniper Surfboards

Located in Queenstown, Maryland, Sniper Surfboards owner Wes Logue shapes custom surfboards and SUPs out of our EPS foam.

Check out Sniper Surfboards’ Facebook page for further information.