Geofoam – Soil Substitute

Geofoam as a Soil Substitute

When we think of the word “substitute”, we think of a replacement – something that is different from the original but has some quality that makes it equal or better by offering additional options. In civil engineering, job coordinators need to take multiple considerations into account when deciding on an appropriate soil substitute. Material and labor costs, material performance, availability, durability, sustainability, etc. One soil substitute option for construction that checks off all these boxes is Geofoam.
Geofoam as Soil Substitute

What is Geofoam?

Geofoam is a geo-technical product that has a wide range of structural uses – slope stabilization and embankment fill being two of the most practical. It is both lightweight and durable, allowing for ease of use and extensive life. The EPS Industry reported that “Because it is approximately 98% to 99% air by volume, geofoam is a very efficient thermal insulator.” Its light weight reduces structural load while its compressive strength allows it to withstand heavy loads. Geofoam has been used beneath roadways and bridges as well as airport runways. Engineers marvel at the thought of using a material with such reliable and versatile properties as Geofoam.


Geofoam as Soil Substitute Weight Table

Why Use Geofoam as a Soil Substitute?

A soil substitute allows engineers and construction workers to produce roads, bridges, and other structures faster, easier and more stable than if they were using natural materials. The right material may also drastically reduce the amount of manpower required. For example, one truckload of Geofoam can replace multiple truckloads of typical soil substitutes. Geofoam can then be unloaded and installed by hand – there is no need for heavy machinery! In the end, this saves both government and taxpayers money. Geofoam will not decay nor produce off-gassing. It contains no CFCs, HCFCs, HFCs, or formaldehyde. It is innovative soil substitutes like Geofoam that will continue to make our jobs easier while being sustainable to the environment.

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