Belief For Relief 2021: A Joyful Giving Opportunity

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Belief For Relief 2021 with Habitat for Humanity


Offering More Than a Home, Habitat for Humanity® Changes Lives

Working with Habitat Lehigh Valley over the past five years has been so much more than a business partnership. The Habitat team exuded a warmth and humility from the start, transforming a community outreach into that of friendship and family. They work to make a difference in lives every day and that passion inspires us here at ICA and throughout our Lehigh Valley community. During the Habitat building experience, that same warmth and light is felt by the families they partner with. 



“Families who partner with us build their own homes alongside volunteers, pay an affordable mortgage, and are grateful for your help.”


Habitat’s mission is to give families “a hand up, not a hand out.” They aim to break the cycle of poverty by providing hardworking, disadvantaged families with a decent home in a safe neighborhood, helping them secure a better place to live and raise their children. These Habitat families in turn give at least 250 hours of “sweat equity” back to the organization by working on the construction of their own home and those of others in the program, as well as attending home ownership and budgeting classes. Habitat’s purpose is to provide struggling families with the resources needed to guide and lift them out of their current situations.


Buffalo plaid star garland


A Chance to Give Back

Each and every one of us has a chance to make a difference every day. Small acts of charity add up to a big world of difference, a world of kindness. Will you help us spread light to our community in the simplest of ways? By sharing one Santa Selfie for Habitat for Humanity, you can help spread some joy this Christmas season! We’ve all been through a lot these last two years. During that time it has become clear just how precious “community” is. The bondSanta Selfie examples in festive frame benefiting Habitat for Humanitys created during a Habitat build prove just that. None of us can do this life alone – we need each other. So let’s spread some love, share some smiles, be a light together.


How to Be an Elfie

As we celebrate the 5th year of our Belief for Relief campaign with Habitat for Humanity, we hope you will join us in making this the most spectacular collection of Santa selfies yet! We are providing EPS foam Santa beards as always and still have some custom-printed masks available upon request. Get creative, strike a pose, shoot & share! All eligible submissions will be entered into a drawing for gift cards as shown below. Send us your photos by January 5, 2022. Winners will be announced on January 10, 2022. Please review our full contest rules here. There’s no better time to be a little elfie and share your Santa selfies for a good cause! 😊


Belief for Relief Upload Photo Button



The Random ElfieDrawn from all #ICASanta entries.

PRESENT: $50.00 Amazon gift card

Furry Friend ElfieWho doesn’t love adorable pet pics?!

PRESENT: $50.00 Amazon gift card

Best LocationHow far will our Santas travel?

PRESENT: $50.00 Amazon gift card

Most CreativeHow imaginative can you get?

PRESENT: $50.00 Amazon gift card

Most FestiveThere’s no such thing as too Christmasy!

PRESENT: $50.00 Amazon gift card

Largest Socially Distanced GroupLet’s liven up those virtual meetings!

PRESENT: $100.00 Amazon gift card