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ICA Testimonials

“We had the most pleasant experience today with your delivery! Your drivers are always good, but this gentleman today was exceptional! He arrived at 10 minutes before our lunch break and we told him that we would have to hurry because we were all hungry. He never blinked but quickened his pace and went right to work unloading the foam with our help. We finished quickly and he was a big part! I just wanted to let you know. He was a pleasure!” ~ Judy C., about our driver, Ken.

“I have to say thank you for your patience with me on the delivery of this order…It was a relief to me that your driver was helpful and understanding about the situation and above that, an expert with his truck. I was informed that this site was possible to access with a large truck, although I was skeptical. Your driver not only got in and out flawlessly, but was able to maneuver to the side of the one lane dirt road so that vehicles could still get by, and was also able to turn his rig around at the T in the road… we’re looking forward to doing business with you on future projects. Thanks again.” ~ Andy, about our driver, Paul.

“I just wanted to let you know that your new driver Kenny delivered our order today and I was impressed with his service. He worked fast and was very kind and courteous.” ~ Jaired F., about our driver, Ken H.

“Your driver form yesterday’s delivery has been here several times really does a nice job in unloading. Cares about the condition and counts of the product. He is a good face/front of your company. Great customer service… Too many times people want to complain, but I’m sending this to tell you he does a really nice job for Strategic!” ~ Damian R., about our driver, Ken H.

“You and your ICA team rock!! Thanks again!!” ~ Tiffany J. (for a foam emergency turned “Christmas miracle”!)

“Thanks for making ordering a breeze and always giving me outstanding customer service!” ~ Caleb C.

“…they are thankful for the fast turn around… Your driver was very helpful and courteous as well. He is an asset to your business.” ~ Sean J., about our driver, Nelson

“The above and beyond customer service provided by the ICA team was in wonderful contrast to what has become the norm when dealing with most companies…Their follow up and genuine care about doing a good job was very refreshing and will be welcome when purchasing my next order.” ~ Jesse P.

“I appreciate your follow up. Many of my business interactions do not provide such good customer service.” ~ Sandra G.

“For you I’ll do it. You guys are a good carrier.” ~ Jonathan E. to Ernie, our Transportation Manager

“Got the foam this morning. Thank you. Just wanted to let you know your driver is excellent.” ~ Brian G., about our driver, Nelson.

“Izzy was just in my office. I told him that your company is a pleasure to work with. Wish all of my vendors were as accommodating as ICA…My new favorite vendor 🙂 ” ~ Jim D.

“I want to tell you how happy I am with your employee Sharon…Sharon helped expedite an order which could’ve easily taken two weeks. But thanks to her diligence, this item shipped early to a very pleased client. I am so grateful for Sharon because she ALWAYS goes that extra mile. She is an awesome person and the kind of employee a company can build around as her work ethic exemplifies excellence!…She is one reason why your company is so successful!” ~ John C. {Thank you, John, for such kind and thoughtful words. We couldn’t agree more!}

“I just wanted to reach out and pass along the compliment that our receiver said the two orders of foam yesterday were delivered in perfect condition. He explained everything was palletized nicely and organized. It was a lot of foam for us…I just wanted to say thank you for working with us and all of our requests!! It really is appreciated.” ~ Danielle M.

“I just want to mention that your new driver was very helpful and pleasant. He was a pleasure to work with.” ~ Linda G., about our driver, Ken

“Your driver was very professional, nice and a big help. Thank you.” ~ Gavin S., about our driver, Joe

“I can’t thank you enough for such a courteous and helpful driver. Having people like him come into my facility makes my day and my staff’s day so much more pleasant. I wish I came in contact with more people like him every day.” ~ Jess L., about our driver, Joe

“Ernie, thanks again SO much for solving this problem – you have never done anything but a great job for us and we truly appreciate it.” ~ Michael M.

“Your driver Charles was great with his communication and promptness…I have made a note in our system because it is rare to come across someone like that…He’s a freaking ninja. Keep that guy.” ~ Matthew M.

“Your driver called today when he was empty, very polite. Enjoy covering our freight with your company.” ~ Melissa B., speaking of our driver, Harold

“Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to have had him on the load. Polite, professional and did the job right. If all of your drivers are like him, please let me know when and where you have trucks and I’ll try and reload them all!” ~ Daniel A., speaking of our driver, Charles

“They love the quality!!! Kuddos to you guys for that.” ~ Lauren R.

“ICA is great to do business with. Great turnaround times. We appreciate ICA as our supplier.” ~ Damian R.

“Ernie, your drivers have been awesome to work with! Thank you very much” ~ Sandy R.

“Ernie, you are awesome!” ~ Amber B.

“Appreciate all your help on these, drivers are doing a good job.” ~ Randy H.

“As I have done in the past with some of your other drivers, I do want to say that this driver (Jose) is very courteous and helpful and should be credited with that. Good people are hard to come by these days.” ~ Sal G.

“I wanted to convey my gratitude for the paramount customer service delivered by Lauren. We work with several vendors and the experience there was beyond gracious. Many thanks.” ~ Bryan R.

“Cindy and Sharon at ICA are top notch people.” ~ Tom L.

“Lauren, you and Kim have given us the definition of excellent customer service, follow-up, and great communication, and I can’t thank you enough…Thank you for the excellent service as we’ve begun our business relationship. It IS APPRECIATED!” ~ Marilyn S.

“I just wanted to personally thank you all. This was the first order we placed with you guys and you turned it around very quickly. Sharon was extremely helpful in working with us. You went above and beyond and we appreciate that very much. There will definitely be other orders behind this one.” ~ Bill

“Your product has a quality consistency I can rely on.” ~ Mark D.

“Your driver was very professional & courteous. Stayed within the speed limit and maintained the circle of safety.” ~ Compliments to our driver Teddy from another company’s driver

“Your foam is the best foam I have seen in years…from anybody! Keep it coming!” ~ Larry

“Cindy, what a surprise to see Nelson on the delivery yesterday. I told you years ago that he seemed to be a keeper. Always above and beyond courteous and helpful.” ~ Sal G.

“Hi Cindy and Sharon, I cannot thank you guys enough for the great job that you all are doing. The vial holder foam fit like a glove and imagine my pleasant surprise to find out that you shipped the entire order. The customer is very happy and will be picking up these later today. Thanks again.” ~ Bernie S.

“You guys have a great product, been using your foam for a couple years on surfboards. Here’s some of the latest boards made with your foam: https://www.facebook.com/” ~ Chris Willey

“Good carriers are hard to find, you my friend are a diamond in the rough.. Thanks.” ~ Justin G.

“Lately, on my trip into work every morning from NJ, I’ve found myself running into ICA trucks on 78W…They are always going the speed limit and always in the middle or right lane doing everything they are supposed to do. I love ICA trucks. 🙂 ” ~ Lauren C.

“I just talked to my customer about the delivery ICA made to NY last week. He said that the load got there in good condition and his customer was extremely impressed with the driver’s personality and helpfulness and thanked me for expediting the materials, making me look GREAT to a new customer. Please extend my thanks to whomever was responsible for delivering the materials. It is always a pleasure dealing with ICA and its staff. Whether I am ordering, receiving materials or sending out materials that are to be delivered by your employees, ICA’s professionalism starts at the top and flows all throughout the company. Ernie, thank you again for installing that degree of importance in every person that works with you, and thank you Cindy and your staff for treating “the small guy” like the biggest account you have.” ~ Rich J.

“It is great doing business with ICA. Their customer service is top notch! Sales people from other companies try to solicit my business, so I from time to time check prices. ICA has a great product, their prices are fair and their customer service keeps us happy.” ~ Brian M.

“Thanks for all your hard work & Fairy Dust!! You guys do an amazing job with my emergencies!!” ~ A note from Patty H. attached to an Edible Arrangement