ICA Specialty Products

Here are a few of the many specialty items that can be made with EPS foam

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a versatile, multi-purpose foam with a wide range of uses. Advantages include long-term insulation value, moisture resistance, good compressive strength, and recyclability. These properties make EPS the perfect choice for your application.

The following are some of our Specialty Products made with EPS foam:


Archery Blocks

Produced in 1.25 pcf or 1.5 pcf densities, EPS Archery Blocks provide a durable and economical target for archers to practice their skills. Available in standard size of 24 x 36 x 48, archery blocks can also be custom cut to your specifications. Learn more about using EPS for archery blocks.


Bridge Deck Fillers

Trapezoidal cuts of EPS in varying lengths are used to stabilize bridge decks and roadways. ICA has 23 standard sizes and will custom cut to fit your needs. For more information click HERE.


Flotation Blocks

EPS has excellent flotation properties. Whether you want to float a dock or need more flotation for your boat, EPS is the way to go. Lightweight and moisture resistant, EPS is also easily cut on-site for a custom fit. Click HERE for more information.


Roof Flute FillersICA Specialty Product: EPS Flute Fillers

Long used to provide positive drainage for flat roofs and as insulation for low-slope roofs, EPS is an excellent choice for filling flutes on roof decks. Lightweight yet durable EPS flute fillers survive the freeze and thaw cycles commonly associated with premature roof failure. EPS flute fillers are available in standard square edge sections and custom trapezoidal configurations.


Perimeter Insulation

Stable R-value, good compressive strength, and excellent moisture resistance make EPS the right choice for perimeter insulation. EPS will protect your foundation from backfill damage, enhance the waterproofing product applied, and add insulation value, all at cost savings.


ICA Specialty Products: Theater Sets & PropsTheater Props and Signage

Lightweight, versatile, and durable, EPS is perfect for creating theater sets and props or any type of signage, large or small. Take a look at our Photo Gallery to see what our customers have done with ICA expanded polystyrene.



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