ICA-LITE® Backerboard*

Siding Backer/Insulation

ICA-LITE® brand siding backerboard insulation is made from expanded polystyrene and available in 2 styles:

• Double 4 or 5 – any width

• Straight 8 – any width

Each piece is 3/8 inch thick and 6 feet long. Both styles are packaged in bags containing enough pieces for one square of coverage (100 SF). Piece count per bag is determined by the width ordered.

Polystyrene is completely inert. It has no food value, so it will not attract insects or rodents. It will not support bacteria or fungi that can cause mildew or rot.

It weighs 4 lbs. per square compared to 60 lbs. per square of wood fiber backerboard.

Wood fiber can delaminate, flake, dust, or settle. ICA-LITE® Backerboard will always remain stable. As an added benefit, it is clean and easy to work with.

R-Value is the thermal resistance of a material. The higher the R-Value, the greater the thermal efficiency.

• 3/8″ ICA-LITE® Backerboard R = 1.4

• 3/8″ Wood fiber Backerboard R = 0.94

As shown above, the R-Value of polystyrene is 60% more efficient than wood fiber.

*Meets FHA/HUD requirements of 3/8 inch minimum backer thickness.

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