Perlite and Vermiculite


Perlite ore is a glassy siliceous volcanic rock. When heated to fusion temperature, the molten grains expand into lightweight multicellular particles four to twenty times their original volume. The resulting particles are sized and graded for specific uses, the most common of which are masonry block fill and attic insulation. Perlite is palletized with 30 bags per pallet and stretch wrapped.



Vermiculite is a hydrated ferromagnesia alumina sheet silicate. When pre-sized pieces are heated, the contained water turns to steam, exfoliating thin sheets into tubular sections. The resulting sections are sized and graded for specific uses. Processed vermiculite is free flowing, lightweight, and absorbent, with good thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Vermiculite is palletized with 36 bags per pallet, stretch-wrapped and rain capped.


Vermiculite Insulation Corporation of America