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EPS Solutions For Roofing Insulation

EPS Roofing SystemProper roofing insulation significantly reduces a structure’s heat loss, making it central to energy conservation and comfortable living conditions. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam provides an effective solution to economically insulate your commercial low-slope roof or retrofit an existing attic. 

EPS’ high R-value per inch retains warmth in the winter and keeps heat out of your commercial building or house during summer.  Because EPS is a customizable solution, we can fabricate our products to meet most customer needs. 

Here are four proven EPS foam roofing insulation solutions for commercial and residential roofing projects offered by Insulation Company of America.


Fanfold is the most common and most economical of EPS products. It’s a flexible board made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads that are blown into a mold to create a solid form that can be easily cut and shaped into any desired size or shape. 

The resulting product is laminated with an asphalt-based adhesive for waterproofing and fire resistance. Fanfold is lightweight, meaning it won’t add much weight to your roof panels as they’re being installed—great news both for your roofer’s knees and your roof’s structural integrity.  Additionally, this product provides significant labor savings during install  vs. other high-density board options.

Flute Fill

Flute fill is available in several different thicknesses to ensure that they can be adjusted to fit any application. Flutes or gaps between ribs should be filled and sealed to ensure that the roofing is supported and maintained properly. EPS is the perfect material to fill such gaps as it can be custom-cut to fit any profile without adding weight or cost. EPS can be loose-laid into the roof’s flutes, or it can be applied using a suitable adhesive.

Rigid Board Insulation 

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to your roofing insulation needs, EPS rigid board insulation is the best option. It comes in various thicknesses and densities and can be used for commercial and residential applications. 

This type of insulation is made from extruded polystyrene sheets that are then cut into different sizes depending on the project specifications. EPS rigid board insulation lasts 30 years or more when installed properly, making it a cost-efficient option compared to fiberglass, PolyISO, XPS, and cellulose.

Tapered Roofing

Tapered Roofing EPS Solutions offer stable, long-term R-values and excellent dimensional stability with great compressive strength and water resistance. It’s the perfect choice for ballasted mechanically fastened single-ply roof applications with a slip sheet and low sloped built-up roofs made from modified bitumen. 

The tapered design of the EPS allows it to resist tensile forces and structural loads better than traditional flat panels of foam insulation. It also protects against heat transfer during fires because it contains fewer voids within its structure than flat panels.

Choose Dependable EPS Solutions from ICA for Roofing Insulation

No matter where you’re located, you need a proven and advanced roofing insulation for reducing energy consumption and increasing the comfort level of the building’s occupants. EPS from Insulation Company of America (ICA) is an outstanding alternative to traditional forms of insulation due to the flexibility, versatility, and long-lasting quality of the product. 

If you need a trusted “Made in America” manufacturer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) for your construction needs, please feel free to contact ICA at 610-791-4200. We would be happy to start the process of determining what type of EPS solution is right for you, how it can best be applied, and how we can help bring your vision to reality. 

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