EPS Foam Makes Sweet Set Designs One Play at a Time

EPS Foam Set Designs - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


EPS Foam and the Chocolate Factory

The wonders of your imagination are brought to life with EPS foam set designs. The possibilities are endless. Even Willy Wonka would have thought this was sweet!

St. Ann School in Emmaus, PA recently purchased some EPS foam from ICA for their production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Loretta Marrone, art teacher at St. Ann’s, wrote a wonderful explanation of how they utilized the foam for their back drop and 3D elements:

“Drama students at St. Ann School are putting on the play ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ this Friday and Saturday [April 7th & 8th] at St. Ann School in Emmaus.

“Students in art club and stage crew painted 8 4’x8’ pieces of EPS for the set background. The material is great to paint on and is easy to cut. EPS circles were cut and glued onto the EPS background to make 3D lollipops. Tissue paper flowers were made by the students and were secured with T pins. The pieces are joined together with wooden skewers and then tied to command strips on the wall with fishing line.

“I have used this material in the past to do set designs and love how easy it is to move, cut and set up. We will be using EPS for all our future set designs!”

Thank you, Loretta, for sharing your Fun with Foam project with us! We love hearing about our customers’ experiences with EPS foam and seeing the results of their hard work and creativity! How has EPS foam brought your imagination to life?

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Set Design Photo Gallery:

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