Where to Buy Giant Sculpting Foam Blocks

Have you ever wondered where artists and sculptors find the giant sculpting foam blocks to carve? Chances are, if you are on the east coast between Virginia and Maine you may be ordering your giant foam sculpting block from Insulation Company of America in Allentown, PA just north of Philadelphia.

ICA manufactures EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam with a new state-of-the-art Hirsch mold which allows the block size to vary from 37-1/2″ – 54″ x 49″ x 121-1/2″ – 220″. Which means sculptors and artists can custom order any size block within those parameters. Although ICA does not stock any cut foam, regularly cut sizes are: 48 inches by 96 inches and 24 inches by 96 inches. Almost any size is available as a custom order.

Thickness: 1/4″ to 54″
Lengths: Up to 216″ (18′)
Widths: Up to 48″
Densities: .75 lb to 2.85 lbs per cubic foot

If you happen to be a sculptor, knowing the density options will be helpful. Many of our artist clients prefer a somewhat denser EPS foam carving block, like 1.5# since it is still lightweight but gives a smoother finish versus the 1# EPS block. Like most recommendations we give, it all depends on the finished application and desired texture. If you are unsure regarding density, feel free to call our design team at 610-791-4200 to discuss your needs.

Density is a measure of mass per volume. EPS is measured in pounds per cubic foot (pcf). ICA manufactures expanded polystyrene in the following minimum densities:

0.70 pcf

0.90 pcf

1.15 pcf

1.35 pcf

1.80 pcf

2.40 pcf

2.85 pcf

If you are sourcing or looking to purchase large foam sculpting blocks – one or many – ICA has you covered! Our delivery area covers Virginia to Maine, Ohio to the East Coast. Visit EPS Industry for other EPS manufacturers local to you.

Sculptures with Imagine Factory

Just for fun, take a look at what Imagine Factory has carved with our foam. We have featured 3D artist and sculptor, Steve, on our blog. He shares his carving process and preferred carving tools from a hot knife to sandpaper.

Giant Foam Sculpting Blocks

Giant Foam Uses in Theater

Another opportunity for use of large foam sculpting block is in theater and movies – professional and amateur.

Endless Uses for Giant Foam Carving Blocks

As you can start to see, the uses of sculpting foam can be endless. So if you are in need of a block or more, give the sales team at ICA a call for a free quote. You may be pleasantly surprised on a new medium for your next project.