The Uses of EPS: Land and Sea

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Just how many uses of EPS foam are there?

EPS performs hundreds of different tasks, but did you know that it surfs and it turfs? With all its diversity, EPS literally handles the land and the sea. Expanded polystyrene (EPS), is white in color and commonly but incorrectly referred to as Styrofoam®. (A little fun fact: Styrofoam® is actually a brand name and blue in color.)

Uses of EPS - Wiley Surfboard made out of ICA EPS

Photo Source: Wiley Surfboards; photo used with permission

So how does EPS surf and turf? One of the characteristics of EPS is that it is extremely buoyant, allowing it to catch a wave with many surfers. Surfboard craftsmen and surfers prefer surfboards made out of ICA-LITE® EPS because they are lighter and last longer than a board made out of polyurethane. To see a surfboard take shape, visit our photo gallery.

Buoyant EPS blocks are the ultimate choice for floating structures such as docks, restaurants, swimming pools, and homes. The marine environment can be tough but EPS can stand up to extreme temperatures and exposure to salt and water. Protective coatings/coverings can be used to extend the life of ICA-LITE® EPS. To find out more about protective coverings contact Demand Products.

For a dock diagram and EPS Flotation properties, please see our ICA-LITE® FLOTATION literature.

Watch a video on how ICA-LITE® EPS was cleverly used to elevate a sunken barge back to the surface.

On land at the marina you will see EPS is being utilized as boat stands. It can be used as temporary storage, such as in the case of Hurricane Sandy. Hundreds of boats were displaced and temporary land storage was needed. ICA-LITE® EPS boat stands were sent out by the tractor trailer load to assist in the cleanup. ICA-LITE boat stands are lightweight and do not cause damage or scratches to the boat. ICA-LITE boat stands are a fraction of the cost of traditional stands and wood blocks. To learn more please visit  ICA-LITE® boat stands.


Uses of EPS - EPS Boat Stands


ICA-LITE® EPS products are versatile, lightweight, easily handled and can be cut to any size or shape. It is a product that can handle so many projects and here is the bonus news—it is an inexpensive, cost effective product!

It will save you money from land to sea, from packaging to concrete, from the theater to the hereafter, from insulation to the cooler, the uses are literally endless.

What can EPS do for you?

To find out, call an ICA representative today at 610-791-4200.

Visit our PRODUCT PAGE to see additional ICA products.


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This article was posted on January 17, 2013, by Insulation Corporation of America (ICA) – a Women-Owned manufacturer of Geofoam and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), which is commonly but mistakenly referred to as Styrofoam™. ICA is located in Allentown, PA and services the entire Mid-Atlantic Region from Virginia to Maine to Ohio.