The Truth Behind EPS Recycling

EPS Recycling Foam in Pennsylvania

EPS RecyclingInsulation Company of America (ICA) is a manufacturer of EPS, expanded polystyrene. EPS is the white rigid foam that is commonly, but incorrectly referred to as Styrofoam. “Styrofoam” is a Dow trade-name, an extruded polystyrene, and it is actually blue in color. Did you know that EPS “the white stuff” is recyclable? Unlike the blue foam (Styrofoam), the white foam (EPS) is indeed recyclable! ICA does EPS recycling and manufacturing.

Along with our fellow EPS manufacturers, we at ICA are diligent about recycling and keeping EPS out of landfills. Without using any other additives or chemicals, we recycle EPS off-cuts from our production process and clean EPS foam remnants from our customers and the public. This leftover material is then entered into a grinder and added back into the mold to become another EPS block. It doesn’t get any “greener” than that!

EPS Industry Alliance Recycling Statistics

The EPS Industry Alliance has generated a report that offers data about EPS recycling in the U.S over the past year. In 2019, 21,700 tons of post-use EPS (recycled after its intended end-use) and 45,200 tons of post-industrial EPS (EPS scrap produced during the manufacturing process ) was recycled. This adds up to a  136.8 million pounds of recycled EPS, 23 million pounds more than the previous year.

Other Ways We Recycle at ICA

Aside from EPS recycling, ICA also utilizes alternative methods in order to remain a green organization:

  • Pentane Collection System – This system offers an environmentally friendly process that traps the off-gas from when we steam our beads so that it does not enter the atmosphere, reducing the amount of potential pollutants released into the air. 
  • EPS Packaging – We also recycle the packaging that our raw materials come in. Supersacks, corrugated boxes, and plastic bags are all, respectively, compacted into bales and sold for recycling.
  • Solar Panels – The solar panels we have installed on the roof have significantly reduced our electricity consumption.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting – All of the lighting throughout our building has been replaced with energy-efficient bulbs. We also have automatic motion-sensored light switches in our offices which conveniently regulate our lighting usage.

Not only is EPS recyclable, the uses are virtually endless, ranging from insulation to coolers to packaging to soil substitution known as Geofoam.  Spread the word – say Y-E-S to recycling E-P-S foam!