Tom Higgins Turns 80!

Sandy Tom and Cindy

Happy Birthday Tom!

Insulation Company of America celebrates two milestones in 2011. Tom Higgins, CEO, celebrated his 80th birthday and 30 years in the EPS industry. Tom founded ICA in 1981 after being in the steel erection business for 30 years. Although Tom was new to the EPS business, his commitment to success has never failed him. The business has grown over the years. After two additions, we are now an over 60,000 square foot facility. We pride ourselves on our customer service and our extremely knowledgeable staff. Tom, along with his daughters, Cindy Masiko, Executive Vice President, and Sandy Posocco, Web and Marketing Director, are looking forward to another successful year in the EPS industry.
Tom spent his birthday riding his motorcycle with his wife of 55 years, Ellie.